How to become a participant of the exhibition?

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Fill out online application, and the project manager will contact you and answer all your questions about participation in the exhibition.
Participant Guide
Use the Participant Guide that will help you choose the best possible area and format of your booth, as well as plan your participation in the exhibition in the most efficient manner.
Development options
KAZAN EXPO LLC is the General Developer of standard booths at the Specialized exhibition TatEnergyExpo as part of the Tatarstan International Forum on Energy and Energy Resource Efficiency.

You can learn the cost of exhibition space renting after filling out the online application for participation.
  • 6 minimum area 9 m2
  • additional equipment—upon request.
  • provided on the terms
You can order an improved development for your standard booth.
  • minimum area 9 m2
Development of booths on individual
Typical standard exhibition booth
An improved version of the standard exhibition
Exclusive development