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Every year, the event is attended by leading experts in the energy industry of Russia and foreign countries. Exhibitors at TatEnergyExpo-2024 will be:

Companies generating electrical and thermal energy, including that from renewable energy sources

Manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, technologies and services in the field of energy, electrical engineering and energy saving

Companies involved in repair and maintenance of energy facilities

Manufacturers and suppliers of industrial boiler, heat exchange, power generating equipment, and auxiliary utility equipment

Power engineering companies

Manufacturers of equipment for gas industry enterprises

Service companies for maintenance and repair of gas equipment

Manufacturers of high quality cable and conductor products

Companies developing industrial safety technologies and equipment

Developers of light control systems

Manufacturers of lighting equipment

Manufacturers of automation and control systems and tools

Energy system software and technology companies

Companies providing energy auditing and consulting services

Financial institutions and banks

Educational institutions, design institutes, research centers