Russian scientists have created a new piezoelectric power generator

Scientists from the Southern Federal University (SFU) have developed a new model of a piezoelectric power generator and studied its properties. The device is designed to convert the energy of mechanical vibrations into electrical energy.

The developers built 3D numerical and experimental full-scale models, which made it possible to accurately determine the characteristics of the generator depending on its configuration and material properties. The results of the research were published in the Applied Sciences journal and other publications.

The developers of the generator from the SFU noted that piezoceramics currently has a wide range of applications. Devices based on it are used in medicine, communication systems, industrial process control, measuring and household electrical appliances. The global market for piezoceramics and scope of its applications are constantly growing.

According to SFU experts, in the era of global development of energy generation and collection devices based on the use of new piezomaterials, specialists face the task of increasing energy efficiency of all processes, including the collection and use of ambient vibrational energy. In particular, for mechanical vibrations, conversion to electricity occurs through the use of piezoelectric elements in the power generation device complex.