Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Engineering will develop software for the project of integrated balance area automation

As part of the approved project of integrated balance area automation in the Vologda Region, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Engineering has started developing the software module “IUSCIFRA. Gas sales. Dispatch control” based on IUSCIFRA own information and control system.

Implementation of the project will allow organizing full telemetric control over the supply and sale of gas to consumers of all categories, and will ensure safe use and maintenance of in-house and in-home gas equipment through installation of smart gas metering systems for subscribers, and safe gas use systems integrated with them.

The balance area “Vragovo”, including 735 consuming individuals and 15 consuming legal entities, has been determined as a pilot area. Implementation of the pilot project will provide practical experience in integrating and solving technical, technological, organizational and managerial problems for subsequent upscaling of the project for introduction of smart gas meters (ISUG) on the territory of the Russian Federation using Russian technologies.